investment opportunities

Wooden Ship is currently owned equally by its three founders, Josh Oestreich, Alxndr Jones, and Suresh Graf. However, in seeking capital to get the taproom and brewhouse built out, we are offering up to 40% of shares in exchange for monetary investment. Serious ownership-level investment starts at $10,000, but we know many people will want to invest in smaller amounts, so we have non-ownership levels as well. Please see below for details.

“Wooden Ship Crew” Investment

We understand that not everyone has the means or desire to be a part owner in Wooden Ship, so we are opening up a smaller opportunity to invest. This investment tier has three different donation options, and falls under the “angel investment” status, meaning you will not gain any actual ownership or shares of our company. However, these investments are still incredibly important to us, and because of this you will be reimbursed via gift card, receive limited merchandise, and will gain early access to specialty releases. The three investment amounts in this category are:

  • $300

    • Paid back in $330 gift card (10% return)

  • $600

    • Paid back in $720 gift card (20% return)

  • $1,200

    • Paid back in $1,500 gift card (25% return)

“Ownership” Investment

  • An investment of $10,000 buys you stake in the company and gives you 1% ownership per $10,000. This investment will be repaid by preferred payments, plus you will receive merchandise, early access to limited, small-batch releases, and front-of-line access for all bottle releases.

  • Preferred payments will begin to be repaid with quarterly profits at a ratio of 100:0 until equity investors are made whole.

  • After investments have been repaid, equity investors will enjoy profit sharing quarterly in accordance with the percentage of the business owned.

“Gear-Tier” Investment

For those of you asking, “What if I want to invest somewhere between the Wooden Ship Crew level ($300 - $1,200) and the Ownership level ($10,000 or more)?” this is the tier for you. Options for this tier include simple monetary donations as well as donating with intent to help us buy a certain item. (For example, you give us $6,000 and we get to buy a fermentor and put your name on it. Or if you have a certain item you’d love to see in our taproom, like a beer engine so we can do cask beers. Let us know and we can tell you its price to see if you would like to sponsor that item’s purchase). Repayment is determined based on donation/investment size, so if this is more of the amount you want to contribute, please reach out to us to discuss further!

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