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alxndr jones

creative director / brewer

alxndr got his start in the commercial brewing world as a bar back at dangerous man brewing co in ne mpls in 2015. from there he worked his way up to bar tender and packaging assistant, to eventually become assistant brewer and cellarman.  

josh oestreich

director of brewing operations / brewer

josh got his start the commercial brewing world as an assistant brewer at 12welve eyes brewing, a start up brewery, in lower town st paul, in 2017.

suresh graf

director of business operations / brewer

suresh got roped in to helping out alxndr and josh because of his passion for numbers, research, and passion for being passionate. he literally cannot stop home brewing.

alxndr and josh have been brewing together since 2013. they have created dozens of recipes, and, for a long time, never wrote anything down. don't worry, they take extensive notes at this point. with both brewers having an arts background, the goal of wooden ship is to make interesting beers that inspire conversation, hang outs, and a little bit of laughter. 

Wooden Ship Brewing Company is a small nano-brewery opening in Minneapolis, Minnesota within the next year. Operating on a 7bbl (barrel, 217 gallon) brew system, we will open our doors with a rotating lineup of beers that will take on classic styles as well as modern and uniques styles. Customers will be able to taste and enjoy all of Wooden Ship’s creations at our taproom located in South Minneapolis and select distribution access will be given to a limited number of local liquor stores and restaurants. Wooden Ship is a relatively small brewery and is not aiming to be the next Surly or Summit with respect to growth and distribution, instead the focus will be placed on creative recipe design and high quality brewing rather than large volume production. With this in mind Wooden Ship will be able to keep costs low and focus on making creative and interesting beers as well as flagship classics which will both reflect a dedication to the craft. In addition to focusing on the quality of our product, Wooden Ship has a priority to put community first, and will commit to donate a portion of profits back to local causes and charities.

Established as an LLC in 2018, Wooden Ship was founded by Josh Oestreich, Alxndr Jones, and Suresh Graf and is currently owned equally by all three partners. Bringing more than a decade of homebrewing experience to the table, along with several years of commercial brewing experience at Dangerous Man Brewing in Minneapolis and 12welve Eyes Brewing in Saint Paul, our brewers are well-versed in what it takes to be successful in the beer industry, and are excited to bring their creativity to the already thriving and artistic neighborhood of South Minneapolis.